February 1, 2023


The Jewish War Veterans, Department of California engages in a multi-pronged approach to veterans advocacy.



The JWV is committed to assisting our hospitalized veterans. To this end, our local posts conduct regular visits to Veteran Administration hospitals across the entire State. These visits build patient morale with Bingo games, cards, toiletry distribution and good old visiting.

The signature undertaking of the Department of California is the long established “A Gift For A Yank” program.  A Gift for a Yank was founded in 1946 by the Jewish War Veterans in partnership with the late great entertainer, Eddie Cantor.

Every Christmas for the past 75 years, members of the Jewish War Veterans go to the VA hospitals and distribute gifts to all hospitalized veterans. Many of these brave veterans who gave so much now have no families and no visitors.

On Christmas Day 2019 the JWV distributed over 20,000 items to our hospitalized veterans.


Join us as we make our annual trip to Israel to strengthen our bonds and ties with our greatest ally in the Middel East.


The JWV has always been an active participant in the legal process. California is home to nearly 1,000,000 veterans. The JWV is a strong advocate and supporter of legislation that benefits veterans.

The JWV is a founding member of the California State Veterans Commanders Council. This Council is comprised of the commanders from all of the various veterans organizations in the State. The JWV meets with fellow commanders 4 times per year to write, support and advocate appropriate legislation.

The JWV has been instrumental in passing legislation to enhance the veteran experience.

Kevin Dobson Memorial Food To Life Program

JWV is committed to assisting veterans, seniors and those in our community who are in need. With the onset of Covid-19, many thousands found themselves in need, some desperately, of food. Recognizing the ability and military expertise JWV member have of coordinating veterans and food resources state-wide, we began contracting for commercial kitchens and, beginning in March 2020, delivering 21 meals every week to those residing in Orange County, California. The program soon expanded into San Diego, San Bernardino and Riverside Counties.  Then, on September 16, 2020, we further expanded into Los Angeles County. 
When our good friend and activist, Veteran and Actor Kevin Dobson died suddenly Sept 6, we renamed the program in his memory – thus the Kevin Dobson Memorial FoodToLife.org Program.Beginning with 10 meals, we had enrolled sufficient veterans and seniors that by October 23, we had delivered more than 5,000 free meals and were prepared to double that by the end of November.
Now, with a solid foundation in 5 counties, we have been contacted by veterans in Sacramento, Stockton, Fresno and San Francisco to explore supporting additional needs by the end of this year.
You can help significantly by contacting FoodToLife.org or calling (949) 215-9995.  We welcome your energy, your financial support and your creativity to serve those in need. This is your Jewish War Veterans of the United States, Dept of California, in action: JWV – providing nutritious food to our brothers and sisters from your JWV sister and brother veterans. Please, call us today. You can make a truly significant difference and improvement in the lives of all we serve. We need your active participation – TODAY.
Chaplain DOV Cohen, Commander Kevin Dobson Memorial Post 420
(617) 605-7750 – chaplaindov@aol.com